Closing the Cottage

Helpful Tips when it’s time to close the cottage


If you own a cottage or cabin, here are some useful things to think about:


  • Clean out your cupboards – anything perishable needs to go! Inspect your fridge and make sure everything that could be attractive to animals is taken away with you.
  • Unplug major appliances – this helps prevent any potential fire hazards from occurring
  • Turn your heat down – keeping a furnace at a low temperature will help prevent frost build-up but if you prefer to switch it off completely make sure the gas is off too.
  • Drain your pipes and turn off your water supply – water claims are on the rise, make sure you don’t add your property to the list.
  • Keep your sump pump running – if you have one at your cottage, ensure it’s still in good working order before you leave so there’s minimal risk of flooding during snow melting season
  • Inspect your septic tank – get it professionally inspected if need be to ensure it’s also in good working order so you don’t have a nasty surprise come Spring.
  • Clean your gutters & check your roof– clogged gutters can lead to water hazards so make sure they are clear of leaves and other debris; rain and/or snowmelt will be able to drain properly. Checking your roof can help you see if there are any potential repairs that need doing i.e. replacing shingles.

Before you finish it is also worth speaking with your insurance broker to make sure you have done all you can; your insurance company may have extra stipulations based on your cottage’s location, such as having someone check on your property regularly. Make sure you are also aware of any exclusions your policy may have.


As you drive away looking longingly in the rear-view mirror you will have peace of mind knowing you’ve done all you can to protect your summer get-away, ready for your eager return next year.


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