Winter Weather Checklist

Prepare for a bad winter!

Or so the weather experts keep telling us, although at this point no-one is quite sure just how bad this year’s winter will be. One thing we do know: there’s a 50% chance of snowfall in Ontario at some point from now until April.


Having lists and checking them twice is paramount this time of year but how many of you add insurance to your checklists? Thinking ahead can be a blessing in disguise, especially if a storm strikes and causes damage to your home or vehicle.  No matter where you are in Ontario it’s worth taking an afternoon to look over your insurance papers for your home, car or business to make sure you have an understanding of your coverages before a claim happens.

Going Away? Keep your home protected.

If you are a snowbird (lucky you) and you leave your Ontario base behind for more than 4 consecutive days, you need to ensure you have a trusted friend or family member come in regularly to check your home.  Advising your insurance company you are away is also a good idea as you run the risk of a claim being denied if they are unaware of your home being temporarily unoccupied.

Keep your heating on low and turn off your water to minimize frozen pipes and consequent water damage. Having a good security system in place along with other deterrents help minimize any theft exposure.


Winter Driving

Anyone who has experienced a drive in the snow or ice knows just how sudden a minor slip or swerve can happen and having snow tires on your car does not mean you can drive any faster than is safely possible, especially if you are frequently on the road.  Having both Collision and Comprehensive coverage on your vehicle is worth thinking about as it will give you options to possibly have your vehicle fixed in the event of a claim (deductibles applicable). Make sure your wiper fluid is full; visibility can be minimized very quickly after the salt trucks have been out. Keep an emergency kit in your car in case of breakdown and ensure you have all your insurance documents on hand, should you need to contact your broker or insurance company.


More information and helpful hints can be found through various blog posts on our website. If you have questions about your policies talk to your insurance broker.  Give yourself the gift of peace of mind this season!






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