When Weather Strikes Back

Weather is news

No matter the time of year the weather always manages to get a spot in the news at some point. From flash floods to wild winds, there is always something to look out for. As a homeowner, it is even more important to be vigilant when it comes to protecting your investment.


Prepare Yourself

Being proactive is better than doing nothing so when hints and tips come through the radio, use them to your advantage. If the news reports tell you there may be flooding due to sudden warm weather, take action. Move snow mounds away from your foundation and clear any storm drains and eavestroughs if possible. Check your insurance documents to see if you have coverage for water damage; you may find it’s excluded in your area.


Be Safe

When bad weather strikes, don’t put yourself in danger – watching that tree in your front yard sway dangerously close to your car might be thrilling at the time but not when it suddenly crashes down on top of you. Your car may be insured for falling objects but you may be more difficult to fix!


Check Your Documents

Speak with your insurance broker to find out the best coverages to have on your policy if you are concerned about potential damage to your home. Discuss policy exclusions as you may find some insurance companies do not offer Overland Flood Coverage. Water damage can also happen if you have a storage unit in a condo – don’t assume being five stories high makes you immune to property damage from water if your belongings are stored in an underground storage unit.


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