Tool and Die Insurance

Tool & Die Insurance

Tool & Die Insurance coverages for various machine shop operations can appear to be complicated however they do not need to be when you have an experienced insurance broker on your side. What makes this kind of commercial insurance unique is that each Tool and Die business will require coverages & limits specific to their operation. Higher coverage limits will typically be required for larger operations as there is more stock & equipment which will need to be included. Working with a knowledgeable Insurance Broker ensures all aspects of necessary coverage are taken into consideration.


Key Features of a Tool & Die Policy

Your insurance broker will ask as many questions as possible to ensure your business needs are met. Some key features of Tool & Die insurance policies include the following coverages:


1) Commercial General Liability
2) Contents & Equipment Coverage
3) Equipment Breakdown
4) Cyber Liability
5) Crime Coverages
6) Production Machinery


Additional Coverages

Each machine shop is different in their coverage requirements so there are several other more specialized coverages which can be added to bolster your insurance policy. When searching for the right insurance package it is important to review your active policy declaration pages in full with a licensed insurance broker and obtain professional recommendations. From precision machinery to custom cutting processes, there are insurance options available to suit your needs.


Why choose our brokerage?


We offer e-sign applications and we do not use a call centre; you will only deal with a licensed and experienced insurance broker who will help you obtain competitive quotes in an effort to save your business money.  They will also help provide peace of mind so that you can concentrate on running your Tool & Die business. Call us today 1-877-454-4476 for a quote!


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