Debunking Auto Insurance Myths (part 2)

More misconceptions with auto insurance in Ontario

It’s time for Part 2 in our look at common myths and misconceptions surrounding auto insurance in Ontario.


  1. Offense Dates vs. Conviction Dates: Auto-related convictions are rateable for 3 years from the date you are officially convicted, not the offense date. Until a conviction appears on your license history reports it can’t be rated for and this can mean that if you fight the ticket through court you could find a conviction appears on your reports much later than when it actually happened. If you are unsure about your license history you can order a Drivers Abstract from Services Ontario
  2. Vehicle Colour: Contrary to popular belief the colour of your vehicle does not impact your insurance rates at all. There are too many factors to list that contribute to how an insurance company defines their rates, such as the trim level of the vehicle, the safety rating and the age of the vehicle.
  3. Tickets and Claims: Another myth we hear often is the phrase, “I didn’t get a ticket for that accident so it’s no-fault.” Tickets do not necessarily contribute to a claim being rated as an at-fault or non-at fault.  There are fault determination rules as dictated by the Ontario government which clearly outline how fault is determined in the event of an accident. If you want more information on these rules in Ontario you can find it here
  4. Auto Insurance Premiums; You may be surprised to hear we get the occasional request to lower a quoted premium to ‘seal the deal’. This is unfortunately not an option! Auto Insurance rates are highly regulated in Ontario by FSCO and cannot be manipulated by an insurance broker or an Insurance carrier. Insurance brokers can adjust a premium to reflect applicable discounts such as a Home & Auto discount or Winter Tire discounts which are offered by the insurance provider.


As always your insurance broker is there to help you so if you have any questions regarding your auto insurance policy, or if you have questions about auto insurance in Ontario, speak with your broker. If you have found yourself struggling to find the right insurance, we can help. Call us today @ 1-877-454-4476 or visit our quote page today!


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