Ontario Equine Insurance

Finding the right Equine Insurance for you.

Depending on the type of horse farm you operate you may need to consider a wide variety of equine insurance options in order to adequately protect your operations. For example, do you have a farm with one horse for personal use or do you have several horses which you use for income generation?


Equine related insurance coverage can include:

– Stablemen’s liability
– Animal Birth
– Medicines, new acquisitions, and emergency veterinarian expense
– Personal property located in farm outbuildings
– Horse Tack (for example Saddles, Stirrups, etc.)
– Relocation of horses after barn damage


Why Servo Insurance Brokers?

At Servo Insurance Brokers, we have several experienced insurance brokers which have many years of industry experience as well as access to several different markets which specialize in equine insurance. This means we can find competitive equine insurance options for you no matter where you are located in Ontario. Currently, we insure over 1000 clients across Ontario and have offices in Toronto & Kingsville.


If you are interested in speaking with one of our licensed insurance brokers please give us a call today @ 1-877-454-4476 or submit a quote request by clicking here.


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