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The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought most of the world to a virtual stand-still while governments and health-care officials try to bring the spread of the virus to a slow down. The main message: STAY HOME!


Unless you are in a position where isolation is not an option you need to avoid being out and about. Think about the much bigger picture – by staying home you help ‘flatten the curve’; you help slow the spread of this virus that can have a damaging impact on various health care systems. By staying indoors you help prevent someone from getting ill when they could have remained healthy and, quite possibly, remained alive.


Ask yourself, ‘is my trip out the door necessary?’ Groceries? Maybe. A quick coffee at your mates house? NO!



In Ontario the warnings are getting tougher – stay home or face consequences.  The polite phrase is ‘Social Distancing’ so let’s do just that. Let’s act in the most non-Canadian way ever by actively avoiding physical and social contact with our neighbors and family members (if possible!) Say hello through windows or from across a room or through a door.  Take advantage of Facetime or Whatsapp and have a group chat with friends while drinking coffee from the comfort and distance of your own home. Do that home improvement task that’s been on your list for months on end. Take the opportunity to learn a new language or musical skill. Do anything other than being in close proximity to the general public.


Kids are off school and for them, this might all seem very weird and frightening but you can help educate them. Discuss what’s happening and how they can help – if they ask to go to the park, let them know that might not be an option because they are helping the fight against Covid-19 by staying away from the play area and their friends.

Getting kids outside is important so if you are lucky enough to have a garden or a large park near-by, let them be outside but not around other children or people. If that’s not an option organize online meetings so they can still ‘see’ their friends and have a virtual playdate. There are also lots of learning resources online and many of them are being offered for free due to schools being closed so their learning opportunity is wide open!


Not everyone has the option to self-isolate


Some people simply don’t have a choice; they work for our healthcare system, they are first responders, grocery store clerks, the delivery truck drivers with the all-important toilet paper. They are the teachers called upon to look after the children of these important people. We need to keep them healthy because, without their help, the rest of us face more trouble than what we have right now. Be antisocial for them. Stay inside so these necessary people can be outside.


If you absolutely have to be outside because you have to provide for your family or your mental health depends on it then ensure you remain as far away from another human as physically possible.  When you come home, wash your hands even if you haven’t touched a single surface. If you are in a grocery store DON’T PANIC BUY!! Think of others, please.  If you have a responsibility to an elderly neighbor or a self-isolated friend or family member, wear that mask, wash those hands and leave the groceries on the front porch or door-step.


At this time take a moment to think of and thank those caught in the center of this world crisis:

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Hospital support staff
  • First responders – police, fire-fighters, and paramedics
  • Teachers called upon to look after the children of the above-mentioned workers and more
  • Day-care providers, again because they have children of first-responders to look after
  • Grocery store employees
  • Delivery truck drivers
  • Postal workers
  • Volunteers and food delivery drivers bringing food to those in self-isolation
  • Hospitality proprietors offering take-away food so they can keep their businesses going
  • Cleaning crews and companies helping to sanitize our city

These are just a few of the many people working hard against unprecedented circumstances so keep that in mind as we all work independently-together during this time. Yes, these are repetitive messages but apparently not everyone is receiving them and that’s why we all need to band together and stay apart.


Above all stay healthy, stay strong and look forward to brighter days ahead. We will get through this.



Below are some resources which may be of use, including guidelines if you think you may have symptoms of the Coronavirus:


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