Hobby Farm Insurance

If you are new to the Hobby Farm business it may seem confusing when trying to find the right insurance. How do you know if just your home insurance will be sufficient? Usually, if you own a large property – anything over 1 acre – and have livestock which are used for your own hobby or enjoyment, a simple home owner’s policy will likely not be adequate coverage for your situation.


There are typically 3 items which must be reviewed to see if you require Hobby Farm Insurance.


Property Size – If you have over 100 acres, you likely need a Farm Insurance policy, rather than a hobby farm policy. Hobby Farms generally range in size from 1 acre up to 100 acres.
Farm Income – If a full-time farm operation is your main source of income, you will likely require a Farm Insurance policy which has broader coverages. Any income generated from your hobby farm operations will need to be disclosed at the time of quoting to determine your eligibility.
Livestock – Hobby Farms can only have up to 8 animals; anything over that number and you may fall into Farm Insurance category.


Depending on your answers to the above questions, you may find you qualify for Hobby Farm Insurance and it’s time to speak with a license insurance broker to obtain the right advice and insurance coverages for your specific needs & situation. They will ask the right questions to ensure you get the right coverage which will provide greater protection than what is typically provided on a standard homeowner’s policy.


At Servo Insurance Brokers we help to insure Hobby Farm properties all over Ontario. We have access to a variety of insurance companies which have comprehensive Hobby Farm Insurance packages offering not only competitive pricing but also very competitive coverages. When going through the application process we offer e-sign applications, making the process simple and time-saving.
Our insurance brokers are experts in the field of both farm and hobby farm insurance, along with personal and commercial insurance. If you are thinking of buying a hobby farm property or if you are an existing owner and would like to review other insurance options, let us know.

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