The OPCF Series: OPCF 20 & 27

Welcome to the next chapter of the OPCF Series which is highlighting some additional endorsements that can be added to an auto insurance policy. In this post we will briefly cover two common endorsements called the OPCF 20: Coverage for Transportation Replacement and the OPCF 27: Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobile(s). If you rely heavily on your vehicle then the last thing you want is to have it damaged severely, leaving you without transport. In the event of that scenario, the following endorsements can be added to a policy to help ensure there are correct coverage’s in place.


The OPCF 20 endorsement gives the option to have a rental vehicle in the event an insured vehicle suffers damage or loss due to an insured peril. There are limits to this coverage which can be set that will provide an insured driver with a rental vehicle until either that limit is met financially, the insured car is repaired and returned or the insurance company offers a payment to settle the claim, whichever comes first.


The OPCF 27 endorsement extends an insured vehicles coverages to a rental vehicle in the care, custody and control of the insured driver or when the named insured drives, rents or leases other automobiles. The coverages that are on an insured vehicle are automatically extended to a rental car being driven by the named insured driver. There are limitations to this coverage, for example, Liability coverage is not extended to Excluded Drivers (OPCF 28A).


Rental car companies will offer something commonly called “collision damage waiver” which effectively transfers the responsibility for the cost of damage from the driver back to the company. However, be aware there can be many exclusions and the coverage limits may also be very low so it is worth reading the fine print when signing for a rental car.


There can be a misconception that the above endorsements are an automatic part of an auto insurance policy – for most companies these endorsements can be added to a policy for a small premium. As always, it is worth discussing your options with your licensed insurance broker to see exactly what your insurance policy offers. They can also help you to add endorsements or increase any limits you may have in place.


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